Since 1987 Joryel Vera

The relaunching of the new is a turning pointing in my 30 years in business; this website represents a new forum and opportunities to express the thoughts and wearing ideas of my jewelry design. 

Nev and I will now dedicate our days’ work to full time development of, and I will put more effort in explaining design concepts and how they may worn. Follow the JV Collection latest creation.

"The elegance of simplicity” expressed in my designs."

The best is yet to come!

Joryel Vera Silver Jewelry Collection, a member in good standing of the AGTA, American Gem Trade Association and Savor Silver Program.

A designer and manufacturer of fine quality silver and gemstone jewelry since 1987, Joryel has perfected his quality standard. He changed the rules of silver around the silver jewelry world with his design concept. His goal is to make the best jewelry possible. We hope you like the "Elegance of Simplicity" in his designs.


Your JORYEL VERA Jewelry has been crafted in our workshops where each jewel goes through our high quality control standard we give meticulous attention to every detail of the production process.

We certify that all Joryel Vera Fine Jewelry pieces are made of silver and 925 hallmarked and signed with the JV logo. The gemstones are of the best quality available, most being custom cut for a given design.